Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, with such horrible things happening to our First Nations siblings, I found a story that brings me hope, reminds us of our history of solidarity and fighting for liberation, the land, and what is right. I put together this video that tells the story of the first settlement in the United States, 100 years before the pilgrims, a cultural connection that actually initiated contact between people of African descent and First Nations people of the United States almost 500 years ago.


you can watch the video just below, or check it out on Blavity: http://blavity.com/thanksgiving-a-story-of-solidarity

We spent this Thanksgiving in Miami with my (Nastassja’s) family.


My mom asked that we forage some flowers and greenery for a Thanksgiving bouquet that reflected our local tropical biome, so we went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood noticing and picking out some very special plants and flowers.


Then we walked along the beach to my mom’s place. img_2632

This Thanksgiving I made the dessert – my specialty Pecan Pie! Instead of using corn syrup, I use agave and honey – plus a little vanilla bourbon.

My mom (with some of our help – but mostly her!) made us a feast. And there is our foraged bouquet in the middle! We had cornish hens, with cranberry & mushroom stuffing, mac and cheese, risotto, a whole salmon with peppers and carrots, a huge beautiful salad with asparagus, pumpkin seeds and a tahini dressing, sweet potatoes, biscuits, and gravy.


You would have thought we were feeding a dozen people instead of 4! But the left overs have been fantastic so I’m not complaining.

From left to right Keith (my mom’s partner), Me, Angel (my mom), and Lea (my fiancée)



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