Birthday Clues


My birthday celebrations started promptly at midnight on Thanksgiving when I found out about my big birthday surprise and adventure – an interactive scavenger hunt game Lea made just for me with hidden notes and mysterious clues. It started with a birthday card from Keith and my favorite childhood drink – sparkling apple cider – but this time with pomegranate (one of my favorite fruits).img_2743


At that point we were all exhausted from the itis, so we went to sleep.

The next day, the game brought me all over Miami to different places from my past, and I got phone calls or surprise encounters with people associated with the different locations. In the morning I had brunch with my dad at our favorite bakery.



Then we took our kitties Audre and Wilhem out to the beach. We had taken them down to the park before, but this was their first adventure on the beach.


We brought them downstairs in our awesome PetGear backpack.


Wilhelm loved the sand dunes!img_2814img_2828

Audre felt more comfortable observing everything from inside the backpack.img_2836img_2844img_2821img_2825img_2861img_2862


Finally at night, I was surprised by a dinner at one of my favorite restaurants growing up called the Schnitzel Haus.


I got my favorite: potato pancakes with smoked salmon, and wiener schnitzel.


For my birthday I received a beautiful card and poem from my dad, a poem from Lauren, gorgeous blue roses, and an awesome sewing machine!


From left to right: Fabrice (cousin), Lauren (sister), me, Lea (fiancée), Nicola (dad), Shaina (friend), Ruthie (step mom)

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